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We have many kinds of products to respond various request.


It can be used in various ways, for example : accessories and hats.

Grosgrain / Satin / Taffeta / Herringbone
Organdy / Chiffon / Velvet / Velveteen ...etc


It can be used for bags , belt and other various purposes.

Acrylic / Polyester / Nylon / Cotton
PP ...etc


It can be used for outdoor goods , shoelace, accessories and other various purposes.

Round cord / Bag cord / Core cord
Twist cord / Jacquard cord / Round rubber
Pattern cord / Embroidery cord... etc


It can be used for accessories (hair accessories), bag and other various purposes.

Ribbon type ( bow with ribbon, bow, check pattern, dot pattern, velvet ) flower type / tassel...etc


It can be used for hats , decoration for goods and other various purposes.

Raschel / Embroidery / Tulle / Chemical
Torchon / Lamé...etc