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Treasure the "ties" with one another.

The product we supply : ribbon and cord, generally holds role of tying.
There's an implication that the word "tie" derived from idea of "inducing soul".
Therefore, union of soul leading to deriving a "life "in things , is the first step to the deed of "tying"
By making ties with our customers , retailers then to the society as a whole , we hope to contribute to the society in a form of giving it a "life"


Initiatives taken for CSR

We suppoote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" with the long-term view. It aims to for balance economy with environmental and social externalities. Moreover we pay tribute to all stakeholders, where we are not merely aiming for profit.
  • we consider environmental aspects in all of our business activities
    as we aim to sustain the environment as we develop.

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  • We meet the expectations of local communities and strive
    to harmonize with the global and diverse environment as a bridge to the world.

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  • WWe value a business ethics and compliance, and are serious
    about taking a step of product quality assurance, industrial safety and gender equality.

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Development and production of original products that are unique and distinctive from other companies.

We are developing a variety of brands so that as many customers as possible can learn about our high technology and manufacturing stance, such as opening an online shop that sells directly imported items through our unique routes.