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MARUSHIN Co.Ltd("our company" in the rest) thoroughly maintain the protection and management of personal information of our business users that we obtain in order to appropriately protect the privacy of the users who use our website.

The following state the personal information protection policy of our company.
In addition, as this website being viewed, the users are assumed to have agreed to the following terms.

As to the definition of personal information

As to the protection policy here, personal information is defined as such information by which the specific individuals could be identified such as names and birthdays.
(It includes such information that can be compared with other information and verified so as to identify the specific individuals.)

  • for the inquiry regarding the content
  • to contact with the users as it's needed
  • for the various inquiry for other purposes such as recruitment

As to revealing of personal information

In the following occasions, our company is assumed to be allowed to reveal the personal information of the users without the agreement and permission beforehand.

  • where it is ordered to be revealed by the government bodies, court, or police with summon, order, or writ
  • where it is necessary to reveal in order to protect an individual's lives, safety, or assets, and it is reasonably difficult to obtain agreement and permission from the users in such case

As to the protection and management of the personal information

In respect to the personal information of the users, alongside with our company's appropriate management of the information, we are having maximum precaution in order to prevent leakage, loss, or damage to such information.

  • our company will not reveal or provide the personal information to the third party without the permission of the person themselves to whom the information belong to as long as it is for the reasonable ground which is stated by law.
  • our company thoroughly dedicate in taking sufficient measures for safety as well as appropriate management in order to prevent the leakage or loss of such information.
  • where there is any wish by the person themselves who provided the personal information to inquire, change, or delete the information, our company will appropriately and instantly respond and handle right after the verification and confirmation of the person's identity.

As to the improvement on the policy

In respect to this policy, our company will instantly work on improving it as soon as the need of review arises.